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The top four places to retire in Mexico | Outbound Mexico

With its vast array of picturesque locations, Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular destination for retirees.
A growing number of expats have had great success retiring in cities like San Miguel de Allende, Merida and Playa del Carmen, which offer cultural attractions as well as all the amenities that retirees need. Of course, no matter where you choose, Mexico’s lush nature and diverse culture are sure to bring lots of joy into your golden years living south of the border.

But as we know you are coming to find some answers, here we share with you the 5 most popular places in Mexico for retirees from all over the world:

1. San Miguel de Allende

Due to its high quality of life and vibrant cultural attractions, San Miguel de Allende has become one of the most popular retirement destinations in Mexico. Located in Central Mexico, this picturesque city is a hot spot for expats looking to experience retirement with modern conveniences such as hospitals and retirement homes – all against a beautiful backdrop. Aside from retirement facilities, the city also boasts numerous universities and art schools. This makes it an ideal place for retirees searching for enriching experiences. Additionally, due to its altitude, warm climate and breathtaking sunsets, San Miguel de Allende is thought of as one of Mexico’s most romantic cities – which adds appeal to foreigners wishing to relocate to the area. Hence, its respect for cultural diversity and abundance of activities are just some of the reasons why so many retirees are choosing to make this destination their second home.

2. Merida

Merida, the largest city in Yucatan, is easily one of the most popular places among foreigners. Its picturesque landscapes, tropical weather and vibrant culture create an atmosphere many seek to enjoy while retirementing in Mexico. Furthermore, the old buildings and historic streets are alluring to anyone looking to get a piece of Mexico’s unique history.
Merida truly has something for everyone; touring museums or enjoying its delicious food crafted from local ingredients are just a few of the many activities you can find in this charming city. From world-class retirement destinations to unforgettable experiences that will stay etched in memories for years to come – Merida is without a doubt, one of the best cities to visit in Mexico.

3. Cozumel

There is a good reason why Cozumel, Mexico is one of the most popular spots for retirement among foreigners. Its barrier island location offers plenty of opportunity for retirees to enjoy peaceful settings full of natural beauty – from its fantastic white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, to its rolling green hills and lush rainforest. The Mexican hospitality makes Cozumel a real paradise for those arriving here – not only do they find the perfect retirement life, but also make friends easily due to the welcoming local community. This is further helped by the fact that retirement in Mexico allows you to live in an international setting without sacrificing cultural traditions and nowadays necessities such as quality healthcare, excellent infrastructure and more.

It’s no surprise that Cozumel has remained such an attractive retirement spot over the years!

4. San Cristobal de las Casas

San Cristobal de las Casas is one of Mexico’s most lauded locations due to its rich culture, vibrant beauty, and affordability. Situated in the rolling hills of the Chiapas Highlands, it has managed to retain its colonial charm despite a modernized façade. Foreigners, especially retirees, are drawn by the low cost of living and abundance of hotels catering to all budgets. Furthermore, regional attractions such as Mayan ruins and eco-tourism sites make San Cristobal an attractive retirement option in Mexico compared to other destinations. With inviting weather year around and subtropical forests nearby, it is easy to understand why this charming city remains popular among foreigners.

Mexico offers its residents cost-of-living benefits that retirement-age individuals can take advantage of. These benefits include lower taxes for senior citizens and a wide variety of retirement communities geared specifically toward those who wish to make retirement in Mexico their home. Additionally, retirement in Mexico provides expat retirees with access to world-class medical care at prices that are much lower than what one would typically find in comparable US facilities. With all these features, it’s no surprise that Mexico is becoming a dream destination for those seeking retirement living abroad.

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