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Finding The Perfect Lifestyle For You In Mexico Is The Basis Of Our Success.

Outbound is a mexican relocation company that provides services ranging from consulting to complete relocation management. Our success resides in our efficiency, customized service, and professionalism.

Our partners have the necessary expertise for your relocation in Mexico to be safe, successful, and cost-efficient. We have experience assessing the specific needs of customers looking to acquire real estate, as well as to avise on their taxes and investing needs in the country under applicable Mexican laws. Avoid fraud, misinformation, and long confusing government procedures. 

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Real Estate, Asset, And Immigration Case Management.
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Of Counsel

Dr. Juan Pablo Alcocer Mendoza

Mr. Alcocer holds a law degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, a Master’s and Doctorate degree from Universidad Anáhuac, and a Diploma in Business Law from ITAM, all with honorable mentions. He has been a full-time professor at Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Panamericana, Universidad Anáhuac and part-time professor at ESDAI and ITAM. 

Dr. Alcocer has won two Best Paper Awards in Corporate Law. He has served as Director of Universidad Anahuac´s Law School and Director of Universidad Anahuac´s International Relations School, as well as directed the Phd in Law Program at Universidad Anáhuac, the Master’s Degree in Juridical Sciences Program, and the Master’s Degree in Judicial Law Program at Universidad Panamericana. Dr. Alcocer has also worked as the Professional Relations Coordinator at ITAM´s Academic Department of Law.

Lawyers Mexico

Mauricio Andrés Peña Barrena

Mauricio is a Mexican legal consultant with experience in administrative, corporate, environmental, and real estate law consulting and litigation. He worked at ITAM´s Center for Access to Justice and Lammoglia Abogados law firm, where he specialized in regulatory compliance, environmental law, and immigration processes. He was also a legal intern at ITAM’s Sustainable Development and Environmental Law Clinic and is currently specializing in mediation and negotiation techniques at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic. Mauricio founded ALIAS, a student-centered opinion magazine focused on social and cultural issues, and has won several oratory contests and participated in more than thirty Model United Nations and International Law courses and simulations. He holds an International Baccalaureate (IB) degree and a TOEFL degree in English.


Miguel Ángel León Urzúa

Miguel is a Mexican legal consultant with experience in civil and corporate law consulting and litigation. He was the major editor of the civil law book “Obligaciones” by Alfonso Pasapera Mora, published by Porrúa in February 2022. He was part of the consultation and litigation team at Gastelum law firm and corporate public notary number 56. Miguel also has judicial experience as an intern at Jalisco’s Public Law State´s Tribunal and worked as a human rights violations legal intern at ITAM’s Criminal Law Litigation Clinic and Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic. He has been a speaker for the Latin American Law Clinic Congress and has hosted and conducted mediations and in-circle dialogues between students and authorities of ITAM. He participated and won recognitions in eleven different Model United Nations and has a C1 Pearson’s degree in English and a B1 degree in German from the Goethe Institut.

Head of Tax Litigation and Consulting

Emiliano Ruiz Galicia

Emiliano is a Mexican legal advisor with curricular experience in Tax, Administrative, Corporate and Civil Law. He is one of the main consulting lawyers at Gonzalez Kichik & Rosas (GKR) which is a prestigious Consulting and Tax litigation law firm. He was part of the main revision team at the Notary Public 140 of State of Mexico for more than a year, in which he accomplished various approvals by Mexican authorities of complex legal acts. Moreover, in his first years of practice, he was a legal intern at Huacuja Betancourt & Haw Meter, where he developed administrative knowledge by taking care on the follow up of major public contracts with the top pharmaceutical companies in Mexico. Besides his law practice, Emiliano won recognitions in different Model United Nations as a speaker and has been working since his teenage years on E-commerce projects. 

Head of Political and Security Consulting

Nicolás Ortíz Martínez

Nicolás is a highly skilled Mexican political scientist and consultant with extensive experience in political parties, legislative branch operations, and media analysis. He played a key role in planning and writing the new political action program for Partido Acción Nacional, which defined the party’s objectives when creating new policies. Additionally, he provided valuable communication and analysis support while collaborating with the Senate.

Currently, Nicolás specializes in political strategic decision-making and media strategy. He has been recognized for his outstanding participation in Model United Nations conferences in both Mexico and the United States. He holds a diploma in international law, a diploma in radio broadcasting, and an International Baccalaureate (IB) in English.

Head of Intellectual Property and Account Management

Begoña Legarrea Cervantes

Begoña is a dedicated legal professional with diverse interests in music, art, and intellectual property. She has extensive experience in civil and corporate law consulting and litigation, working with international clients. Begoña holds an IB Diploma and a Law Degree from ITAM School of Law, a prestigious institution in Mexico.
Prior to joining our team, Begoña served with distinction at Carrillo Chontkowsky y Gonzalez as well as RVA Abogados, managing an extensive range of legal cases and offering counsel to international clients.

Her expertise in intellectual property and litigation, along with her passion for community-building, makes her a valuable asset to our firm.

Advising independent artists and working hand in hand with the rest of the team, Begoña seeks to guarantee artists’ rights by protecting their work and creations.

Head of Foreign Investment and Startups

Javier Acuña de la Torre

Javier possesses a broad spectrum of interests including, civil and mercantile law, innovative businesses, law, and technology. He infuses an unparalleled viewpoint into the domain.

Javier has refined his abilities through a wealth of experience in corporate law and consulting. Before becoming a part of our ensemble, Javier Acuña rendered exemplary services at Blackbox Startup Law, handling a wide array of legal cases and dispensing advice to an international clientele.

Acuña’s qualifications encompass Law Degree from ITAM, a renowned institution in Mexico. Acuña’s academic and professional background empowers him to deliver all-encompassing legal services in his areas of practice.

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